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“Kids Break Ground is building the groundbreakers of tomorrow”.


Our youth is a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

“Kids Break Ground is an Ed-Tech platform that helps children between the ages 7-12 discover who and what they may want to be when they grow up. Based on the child’s likes and interests they will choose, build, and learn about their dream career. Kids Break Ground incorporates academic subjects like reading, math, and memorization into fun interactive games to test what the child’s strengths are. Our platform also explores the child’s likes and interest to narrow occupations that will mesh well with each individual.

The Kids Break Ground platform has been developed to help children learn about all types of occupations early in life, so once they enter high school, they are confident in their skills and have a vision for their future.”

Our Mission


To encourage young kids to expand their minds to become whoever they want to be professionally, virtually into reality.


Finding quality educational apps for children can be a daunting task. I am so glad to have found Kids Break Ground. My children learn about different professions and have lots of giggles all while being challenged. This is a great and useful tool for children’s growth and I highly recommend it!

Krissy. G

The Kids Break Ground app is a pioneer in the career development of today’s kids. It combines learning and personalization to help kids understand career paths that they might not be aware of, but also those that best suit their interests and needs. It is an important resource that parents like myself can use to help our kids best navigate their evolving career choices.

Edwin. R

This app was co-created by my son Pedro’s classmate and friend at the age of 7 years old. It’s been amazing to watch her idea grow into this amazing platform. Download the app for your kids today!

Jennifer. M

Kids Break Ground is the perfect choice for your kids.

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Kids Break Ground

As we all know, our new normal is to interact with one another from a distance or virtually from the comfort of our homes. The Kids Break Ground mission is to encourage young kids to expand their minds to become whoever they want to be professionally, virtually into reality.

With the help of the Kids Break Ground application along with these new virtual workshops we plan to educate children about all types of occupations and give them additional information all adults wished they had when they were children. Kids Break Ground workshops will begin October 2020 for more details follow us on Instagram and on Facebook.

 The Kids Break Ground Team

Our team consists of three gritty, ambitious Queens, NY natives. We embrace our Queens roots which consists of New York City vibes and diversity.

Kids Break Ground was created because there lacks information and guidance on occupations for young children.
Co-founder Tiffany and Endrich created this platform because they wish it was around when they were younger.

Co-founder & President – Endrich Reveil
Co-founder & CEO – Tiffany Goode
Brand Ambassador & Muse – Maya Delgado

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Tiffany Goode – Co founder
Endrich Reveil – Co founder