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Kids Break Ground is a platform that will allow our youth to think about who they are, and begin to envision what career route they might want to explore. Our philosophy is to build the groundbreakers of tomorrow. With a little critical thinking and knowledge, our youth will be aware of all types of career paths. Kids will also be more confident in who they are, and aware of the talents they‘ve been blessed with.


Kids Break Ground includes an Ed-Tech application and virtual CTE workshops that helps children between the ages 7-12 discover who and what they may want to be when they grow up. Based on the child’s likes and interests they will learn about all types of dream careers. The Kids Break Ground application incorporates academic subjects like reading, math, and memorization into fun interactive games to test what the child’s strengths are. Our platforms will also explore the child’s likes and interest to narrow occupations that will mesh well with each individual.

The Kids Break Ground platform has been developed to help children learn about all types of occupations early in life, so once they enter high school, they are confident in their skills and have a vision for their future.